Kathy Bell

Kathy Bell

Breathwork Facilitator

Kathy is an experienced breathwork facilitator, mentor and author who specialises in holding loving, clear & expansive spaces for you to come home to your truth and integrate your soul’s essence into your human reality.

  • Location:
  • Sheffield
  • Delivery methods:
  • Face to Face
  • Virtual
  • Specialist areas:
  • Spirituality
  • Trauma Release
  • Self-Worth
  • Practice:
  • Breathwork

Kathy is an experienced breathwork facilitator, mentor and author who specialises in holding spaces for transformation, energetic release and personal growth.

Breathwork is a powerful physiological practice that positively impacts the wellbeing, and yet also has the capacity to shift one’s energetic signature and awareness. The practice that Kathy uses is from the David Elliot lineage and Kathy has been using this practice to uplift, clear and transform her own energy and assist her on her personal growth journey for over 7 years.

People who work with Kathy are met with deep compassion and she provides a held, safe space to work with the breath in that way that is most helpful for the individual or group. 

Kathy gently empowers her clients to see that being human really is the point, and her classes are woven with the threads of balancing spirituality and humour with grounded, practical wisdom for everyday living.

Breathwork can elevate creativity, bring group coherence and increase understanding and compassion between individuals, balance group dynamics and energetics and also be of great benefit to the wellbeing of individuals through trauma release and deep nervous system reset.

As a highly sensitive empath on her own healing journey, Kathy embraces all people with a kind, open hearted warmth that serves to ease you into this powerful practice.

Kathy lives with her husband, daughter and three dogs just outside Sheffield in South Yorkshire, England. She has had careers in aviation, high school teaching and trauma informed resilience building with a specialist not-for-profit organisation before she established her breathwork practice.