What we do for your staff

Nurture Skills and Boost Performance

Enhance Physical Health and Fitness

Transform Mindsets and Restore Mental Wellbeing

Physical Fitness

Physical health and activity is an essential part of overall well being. It also enhances creativity and productivity, fuelling the body and mind and providing a driving force for your business.

Mental Wellbeing

We provide access to fast and powerful treatment to restore or maintain good mental health. No waiting lists and no being passed around to different providers; keeping them safe, resilient, happy and present.

Personal Development

Developing existing or learning new skills and expanding knowledge supports and promotes wellbeing, enhancing self esteem and confidence in your employees as well as allowing them to promote their talent and creative ideas.

What our customers think

Going deep into the underlying cause of this phobia was something different to any other therapy I have had which I feel makes RTT such a great success. I would highly recommend this therapy and all credit to EmpowerPlan and the Therapist, who was very calm and understanding and put me at complete ease. What a great experience!

Single Session for public speaking

After having RTT sessions, I feel like I have gone from strength to strength.  It saved my life.

Two Sessions for suicidal thoughts and depression

An RTT session with EmpowerPlan changed my life and I can’t thank them enough for making this therapy available to me.

Single Session for mindset during fertility treatment

The RTT session was a way for me to bring thoughts and feelings that I had buried back to my mind in order for me to actually deal with them effectively.  It was such a thought provoking and powerful change to my mindset.

Thought provoking

I found the group session very informative and the trainer sincere in her delivery of the Anxiety workshop. The tips and techniques for dealing with heightened anxiety will come in useful in everyday life as I’m sure the RTT recording will too, for the future.

Useful in everyday life

I actually found the workshop really interesting and helpful, and I’m sure I will use some of the tips and techniques I learned.


I really enjoyed the group workshop and have already used the breathing technique we learned less than 24 hours afterwards.”

Enjoyed the group

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