Our Mission

Our aim is to change and save as many people’s lives as possible, by making fast and effective therapy and treatments available instantly through employers.  We are looking to make a big impact on employee’s health and wellness, and as a result the company success. 

Rapid Transformational Therapy

We are the only membership platform offering this fast and effective therapy method as an option for members and also utilising this therapy within workshops and webinars.

RTT is an innovative and critically acclaimed therapeutic approach drawing upon powerful tools and techniques to offer fast, long lasting results.

We offer your employees a benefit that will truly make a difference.  We work with you to assess the needs and wellbeing of your staff, and then use the findings to implement preventative measures to reduce the risk of crisis points hitting for mental health. 

Through utilising our services, your employees will be more motivated, healthy, engaged and present.  Our resources are able to empower them to heal and be more confident and resilient

Your staff are the powerhouse of your organisation, and we aim to take care of them so they can take care of your business.

How we help

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Increased Productivity

Meet the team

Nadine McCabe
Managing Director and RTT Practitioner
Andrew McCabe
Sales Director

Our practitioners

Naomi Silvester
Personal Trainer
Sophie Fraser
RTT Therapist and Neuro Change Coach
Julie Fitzpatrick
RTT Therapist and NLP Coach
Samira Turay
Nicola Dillon-Jones
Samantha Dolling
Medical Herbalist and Healer
Liliana Myers
RTT Therapist, Counsellor and Coach
Kathy Bell
Breathwork Facilitator
Emma Marsh
Nadine McCabe
RTT Practitioner and Life Coach

What our customers think

I love how the workshops work out cheaper than a cup of coffee with a friend!

Mental Health Champion at Reliance Precision Ltd

Going deep into the underlying cause of this phobia was something different to any other therapy I have had which I feel makes RTT such a great success. I would highly recommend this therapy and all credit to EmpowerPlan and the Therapist, who was very calm and understanding and put me at complete ease. What a great experience!

Single Session for public speaking

After having RTT sessions, I feel like I have gone from strength to strength.  It saved my life.

Two Sessions for suicidal thoughts and depression

An RTT session with EmpowerPlan changed my life and I can’t thank them enough for making this therapy available to me.

Single Session for mindset during fertility treatment

The RTT session was a way for me to bring thoughts and feelings that I had buried back to my mind in order for me to actually deal with them effectively.  It was such a thought provoking and powerful change to my mindset.

Thought provoking

I found the group session very informative and the trainer sincere in her delivery of the Anxiety workshop. The tips and techniques for dealing with heightened anxiety will come in useful in everyday life as I’m sure the RTT recording will too, for the future.

Useful in everyday life

I actually found the workshop really interesting and helpful, and I’m sure I will use some of the tips and techniques I learned.


I really enjoyed the group workshop and have already used the breathing technique we learned less than 24 hours afterwards.”

Enjoyed the group

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