Employee Assistance Program

Provide preventive resources for your employees and track and monitor their wellbeing so both they and the organisation know what needs to be worked on to find balance and complete wellness.  Employees can access group workshops and webinars, counselling or Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) sessions and extensive fitness, nutrition, life coaching or mindfulness resources.

Therapy and Counselling

We offer counselling and Rapid Transformational Therapy services to organisations.  Make use of our certified experts by providing a dedicated counsellor or therapist for your employee in their hour of need or crisis.  RTT is a powerful alternative to counselling to offer your employees.  The personalised approach works with employees to reframe any negative beliefs, values, habits and emotions – many of which they have carried with them since childhood.

Wellbeing & Mental Health Workshops

Our workshops are transformational and incorporate powerful therapy and healing methods to truly make an impact on the attendees.  We provide information and worksheets for them to reflect on their personal experience and the ability to transform their mindset and find a power within themselves to excel within their life and career.

How will your staff benefit from our services

Employees are provided with access to help and wellbeing resources as and when they need it. Whether they need to enhance a skill, maintain good health and fitness or to actually heal mentally or physically; our platform can support them.  Making use of what we have to offer will ensure they release any blocks holding them back in life, and find empowerment within themselves to transform and grow.

Physical Health

Physical health and fitness is an essential part of the overall wellbeing of your employees. Providing resources for your employees to engage in physical activities can enhance their creativity and productivity, fuelling the mind and strengthening the immune system. Keep your employees happy and healthy with our EAP service or corporate yoga sessions.

Mental Health

We provide counselling and therapy sessions as a bookable service or for FREE within the EAP memberships.  Each EAP member can access sessions quickly and easily through the platform and choose the counsellor they want to work with. We are also the only corporate provider to offer Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) as a service option.

Personal Development

Developing existing or learning new skills and expanding knowledge supports and promotes wellbeing as well as enhancing career and life opportunities.  These skills will enhance self-esteem and confidence in your employees as well as allowing them to promote their talent and creative ideas.

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